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Dear Samsung,Please take my S20 Ultra back and give me refund Please. Im tired of reaching out samsung support with no help whatsoever.
When is tab s4 getting one ui 2.1 update?
Dear Samsung, Im tired of reporting this issue and not getting any response or solution. I'm reporting this for the last time and after this im done with Samsung's smartphones. This is the worst customer service i have experienced. My S20 ultra when ...
There is still no update or patch or any software updates for this issue.... **bleep** if going on with Samsung support. You dont care about your customers.Customer service of samung is **bleep** **bleep**Never buying a samsung smartphone again
MY S20 ULTRA WONT CHARGE.I shows super fast Charging and wont charge.Please issue an update fixing this ASAP.Sometimes it will charge but really freaking slow and show like 15 mins to charge 6%.Anyone know how do we reach Samsung support?Not the cust...