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I faced a problem daily A50 restart itself so I have reset my phone but still..Why?Exynis can't even handle social media pressure?
Like last year don't spam " A50 main update kab ayega "DO NOT SPAM.Jab update ayega pata chal jayega...April main date hain.. March main ayega..To yeh puchhna band karo kab update ayega..One ui 1 se 2 hua to aisa kich ukhar nahi liya.. one ui 2.5 mai...
I am using swipe gesture...Befor this update there is option to use Back button even on keyboard but now I can't swipe on Keyboard to Back.A50 is 23000 rupees phone still we can't use Pro camera mode.Even a 10k phone can take Night light photo contro...
After updating I am seeing a thing whenever I click on Back or Home or Recent app button pjone gives a haptip feedback vibration.. how to turn it off?
A50 nevet had One UI 1.5 then why do you expect 2.5 update?