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my galaxy s7 edge started having ghost touches ever since updating to nougat but in the past 2-3 months it has become a lot worse....dunno if its software or hardware problem....i have never droped my mobile but i have mildly washed/rinsed my phone a...
hello everyone, i bought my s7 edge from carrefour webstore UAE but here in india samsung pay app is showing "currently available only in UAE" my phone is updated and it already has samsung pay app preinstalled but it cant proceed further than what s...
phone must have password/pin lock to prevent shutdown or restart so that when mobile is stolen nobody can simply shut it down. i know find my mobile has this feature to lock the phone through internet but we use it only when phone is stolen or missin...
Need to have multiple schedule time avaible for AOD just like alarms. I normally want it to run for 1 hr in morning and 1 hr in evening when I am traveling.