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What is this Samsung. On7 is getting pie update, j7 pro is getting pie update but why not the j7 max is not even in the list. This kind of behaviour is always samsung doing to some j7 max and costs 18000 and and on7 15-16k..then why t...
-There is heavy drainage of battery after update-Tap to hold and info option is gone we need it back as it is very important to force stop and other info without going in settings and many more steps-Is Max getting the dual volte option
It's the last week of November now and there is no info on the android update... please provide a specific date Samsung...
What about the oreo update for the Samsung j7 max...what are its date and month
why the daily hunt, prime video and app cloud are installed on device after the software upgràde..we are satisfied with enough news apps playstore and galaxy store...we dont need pop up feeds like other phones..please dont force to add useless apps.....