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Samsung One UI 5.0 (Android 13) Update Release Roadmap For All Galaxy Devices

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On the first day of November, Samsung published the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 Update Release Roadmap for all eligible Galaxy devices. As always, the announcement silently happened through the Samsung Members app and a number of Galaxy models are listed in the official One UI 5.0 roadmap.

According to the One UI 5.0 roadmap, the major OS upgrade will be widely available for the Galaxy S22 series in November 2022. In December 2022, it will reach various Galaxy devices including Galaxy Z series, S series, Note series, FE lineup, select Galaxy A series devices along with recently launched tablets.

January 2023 will be a great month for Samsung rivals as they will be able to see mid-range and budget Galaxy devices getting upgraded to the latest Android 13 OS. In the second month of 2023, the Korean tech giant plans to update various budget phones such as Galaxy A12, A22, A23, M12, M13, M32 and Tab A7 Lite.


In March, the remaining Galaxy devices (entry-level) including the Galaxy A03, Galaxy A04s, Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A13 LTE are listed to get the One UI 5.0 update, while Samsung estimated to conclude the rollout in April 2023 with last model Galaxy A04.

The models and availability may vary by region, carrier, and other factors.
Samsung may change the release timeline, and could pull the update as well.

November 2022

Galaxy S22 (November 2022)
Galaxy S22+ (November 2022)
Galaxy S22 Ultra (November 2022)

December 2022

Galaxy A33 5G (December 2022)
Galaxy A51 (December 2022)
Galaxy A53 5G (December 2022)
Galaxy A71 (December 2022)
Galaxy A71 5G (December 2022)
Galaxy A73 5G (December 2022)
Galaxy Z Flip (December 2022)
Galaxy Z Flip3 5G (December 2022)
Galaxy Z Flip4 (December 2022)
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G/LTE (December 2022)
Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (December 2022)
Galaxy Z Fold4 (December 2022)
Galaxy XCover Pro (December 2022)
Galaxy S10 Lite (December 2022)
Galaxy S20 FE (December 2022)
Galaxy S20 FE 5G (December 2022)
Galaxy S20 (December 2022)
Galaxy S20 Ultra (December 2022)
Galaxy S21 FE 5G (December 2022)
Galaxy S21 5G (December 2022)
Galaxy S21+ 5G (December 2022)
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (December 2022)
Galaxy Note 10 Lite (December 2022)
Galaxy Note 20 (December 2022)
Galaxy Note 20 5G (December 2022)
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (December 2022)
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (December 2022)
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (December 2022)
Galaxy Tab S7+ (December 2022)
Galaxy Tab S8 (December 2022)
Galaxy Tab S8 5G (December 2022)
Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G (December 2022)
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (December 2022)
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G (December 2022)

January 2023

Galaxy A13 5G (January 2023)
Galaxy A32 (January 2023)
Galaxy A32 5G (January 2023)
Galaxy A52 (January 2023)
Galaxy A52 5G (January 2023)
Galaxy A52s 5G (January 2023)
Galaxy A72 (January 2023)
Galaxy M33 5G (January 2023)
Galaxy M52 5G (January 2023)
Galaxy M53 5G (January 2023)
Galaxy M62 (January 2023)
Galaxy Tab Active3 (January 2023)
Galaxy Tab S7 FE (January 2023)
Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G (January 2023)

February 2023

Galaxy A12 (February 2023)
Galaxy A22 (February 2023)
Galaxy A22 5G (February 2023)
Galaxy A23 (February 2023)
Galaxy A23 5G (February 2023)
Galaxy M12 (February 2023)
Galaxy M13 (February 2023)
Galaxy M22 (February 2023)
Galaxy M23 5G (February 2023)
Galaxy M32 (February 2023)
Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (February 2023)
Galaxy Tab A8 (February 2023)

March 2023

Galaxy A03 (March 2023)
Galaxy A03s (March 2023)
Galaxy A04s (March 2023)
Galaxy A13 (March 2023)
Galaxy A13 LTE (March 2023)

April 2023
Galaxy A04 (April 2023)

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