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The best browser for Android

(Topic created on: 10-25-2021 12:23 PM)
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The fastest, lightest, minimalist, customisable browser for Android indeed is Via Browser which is just 1MB in size!

Via Browser

It's my default browser since I've owned a smart phone and gave me the best experience. Also I didn't had to keep heavy apps like chrome so that helped in many ways too!

Here are some functions of Via browser
• Date saving
• Customize
• Ad block
• Privacy Protect
• Bookmarks
• Adds-on
• Night-mode
• Computer – mode
• Translate
• Find in page
• Search engine switch
• Web page save
• Intelligence picture show
• Free to design you homepage

✔ Quiet Browser
Via browser won’t push news and other things to you. No bother to your android devices.
✔ Mini Browser
Via browser use much less memory usage on your android devices. Keep your android devices as fast as new.
✔ Lite Browser
Via browser is designed for Minimalism. Best choice for geek user and who enjoy lite products.
✔ Customized Browser
You can easily customize Via browser. This is your own web browser. Best android browser for you to design your own homepage.
✔ Fastest Browser
Via browser is smooth for most android device. And we optimized a lot for fast browse.

Get it here!

Via Browser : Google Play
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Thanks for sharing this 😍👍👍😘
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You're welcome!🤍
Thanks for sharing man, i prefer chrome simply because it has all my passwords stored on their and its so convenient and seamless. But I'm sure this browser is really good as well. I'm gonna download and test it just cause u recommended 👌
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You're welcome! I'm using via and also I have my saved password suggestions on from google settings.. so it works for me in any app... This is better for budget devices coz they lack some perfomance.. but hey... If chrome features are useful for you (like passwords,sync,account) keep it😇🙌
Yeah anyway i downloaded the app, and i will test it out. Who knows i might end up switching 😁
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Hey so i installed and did some browsing and its actually really light and fast. And the inbuilt dark mode is really helpful as well. The UI is very clean and simple.

Only thing i couldn't find is how to sync passwords and data over from chrome. Other than that its actually quite a good browser
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Security researchers saying it's not good to save password on a browser. Use a password manager.
Ah ok thanks bro