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Samsung Note 9 Yellow screen error

(Topic created on: 06-07-2022 10:56 AM)
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Model :- Samsung Galaxy Note 9 6GB ram 128 GB Edition Current Android Version : 10 

Hello there, Dear samsung customer care service, There is something wrong with my note 9 device actually the problem is a yellow filter like night mode currently appeared in my device.Its not even night mode or something Although I already tried many methods to fix it (turn off auto bright and blue light filter, change to adaptive display with cool white balance, turn off Google Play Books night light mode, clear cache partition, restarts, shutdown), screen still shows yellow background. I'd heard some owners tried factory reset for their samsung phone, this issue is still there. So, it must be big bug issue please i kindly requesting to investigate this problem further for me. 

Thankyou, Best Regards !
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Go to nearest customer service center and replace the display
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Hi... I think it's a hardware issue. Contact a Samsung service center near to you
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I think you need to replace display broh 😐
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This happened on my samsung note 8 and the yellowish screen started to become black. My advise is to have a back up of all ur files just in case ur screen suddenly dies. I had to fix the issue only by replacing the screen, which cost me 50K 4 years ago. Probably more expensive now