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Yellowish stripes on my Galaxy Note 9. A software issue.

(Topic created on: 07-17-2023 02:26 PM)
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I have a Galaxy Note 9 for a few years now. It has been working fine until recently where my screen started to show yellow stripes. If I turn on brightness, the yellow stripes become less visible. I definitely think it's a software issue, and NOT a hardware issue with my screen. This is because if the phone is idle and the screen is off for some time, when I turn on the phone, the screen color is completely normal. It is normal as long as I avoid the main home screen (i.e., the screen with a lot of app icons). As soon as, the main home screen is reached, or as soon as I slide down the menu from the top, the yellow stripes appear. If it were a hardware issue, I would expect it to happen all the time, regardless of whether I see the home screen.

If you look online elsewhere outside of this forum, others also experience this same issue. Some even speculated that it is because of the latest update from Samsung, which I tend to agree. People suggest to use an app called Oled Saver. Initially I didn't understand why it would help. But after thinking and connecting to the behavior I mentioned above, it completely makes sense because the app would allow one to avoid the home screen and thereby avoid triggering the bug. The app can no longer be installed though.

My questions are:

  1. Is there already a patch for this issue? This is a known issue that many users have been experiencing for a while now.
  2. I did a factory reset which unfortunately didn't remove any software updates. How do I uninstall Android's updates? I want to leave the option of flashing the firmware as last resort.


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Follow these steps:

1. Check Samsung's official website for patches or updates addressing the yellow stripes issue on the Galaxy Note 9.

2. You cannot uninstall Android system updates, but try uninstalling updates for specific apps that might be related to the issue.

3. If the problem persists, consider a factory reset (backup data first).

4. Contact Samsung support for further assistance if needed.

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Hi... First, since the Note 9 is almost 5 years old now, I don't think they'll issue any security patches as per their update policy. So, if your device does not have available updates means you are probably with the last patch.
Second, there's no official way to downgrade the installed updates and factory reset will not help to remove them. So firmware flash might be work but can't guaranteed. And yes keep it as the last option. Before that check with a Samsung service center if there's any new solution for it.
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I agree with Ranod, and adding to what he said i feel that it is a hardware issue triggered by software. This has been the newest trend we see in the s20, s21 and note 20 line ups, where a software update triggers an inate screen issue and green lines start to appear.

Downgrading android has to be researched before trying it out and there is a good chance that u might end up with a dead phone in case u don't know what ur doing and most importantly, this might not even fix ur problem or it could fix it for a short while and then it might resurface. All these possibilities should be taken into consideration before attempting android downgrades.

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It is a hardware problem downgrading software won't help. In this yellow case problem the connector that connects display to motherboard is damaged due to heat. Display is still good but connector is not working properly. Connectors can't replace then only solution is to replace whole Display panel