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Galaxy Note 9 screen discoloration

(Topic created on: 01-02-2021 05:15 PM)
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I'm using a Samsung galaxy note 9 since 2018. Since last April I noticed that when I'm on the phone say for about 10 to 15 min, I face a screen discoloration (yellow screen tint), decreased resolution and overheating. I need to off the screen for few seconds and on it back it works fine for some time and this happens again. I got to know from other Galaxy Note 9 users that this was due to a security update gone wrong in the March'20 update. 
Since its becoming almost a year, is Samsung not planning to fix this issue...??
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You are getting this because of a failure of the update. It's nothing wrong with you. Your display is permanently damaged. When we ask about this from a customer service centre they will say replace a display. Some Indian users saying they got an update for this but black colour is not as before. Don't know. Till now no solution. Very disappointed. They didn't do it purposely. But it's happened. 😥