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Samsung Lacking Basic Features -photo editor + sms & calls block

(Topic created on: 02-17-2021 03:16 PM)
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Galaxy Note
Samsung photo editor badly Needs a basic SHARPNESS tool , i recently switched to a samsung phone and disappointed that it lacks this basic feature.

I have a z flip and it needs basic camera updates too no image stabilization , lens is cheap but come on its not a 10$ phone that you can't even fix the camera app in 2021 .

Based on a bit of practically testing most of the android phones the basic blocking calls and sms on all android phones is a piece of cake you select a message and it will ask you if you want to block or report spam BUT samsung lacks this basic feature too , you have to manually go in settings to block a certain number which isnt a delight as when we receive so many useless advertisements they have names , you can not block the names ( on SamSung) but on other smart phones you can easily block those too... be practical Samsung.....

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