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Samsung gallery new update

(Topic created on: 05-06-2021 05:32 AM)
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Galaxy Gallery

Samsung Gallery can now ‘Remaster’ your photos – here’s how that looks

The Samsung Gallery app has received a new update which adds another tool to its widening repertoire of image retouching and management features. Called ‘remasters’ in-app, the functionality refines any photo you desire and does that all on its own. The completely automated nature of the solution does limit its usability a bit, but from the limited testing we’ve conducted so far, the changes it does make are all highly desirable.

As for what “remastering” multimedia entails, the majority of the noticeable improvements revolve around boosted exposure and clarity. Depending on the image, the software might also apply tinted overtones to your image. That particular decision can go either way, though it all comes down to taste; if you like heavily filtered photography, you’ll probably enjoy viewing an alternative take on your image library.







Are you seeing the update on your end?

This addition seems to be part of Samsung Gallery version 12.1.06.X. “Seems” because that final number will depend on the exact smartphone you’re using and the update still isn’t live globally. The vast majority of modern Galaxy devices should be compatible with the upgrade, and we’re using “vast” in a rather liberal sense here. Speaking plainly, if your Samsung smartphone is young enough to still be receiving Gallery updates, it’s bound to be in line for this one, as well.

And it’s been a while since we’ve last seen a feature addition to Samsung Gallery altogether as Samsung’s app teams appear to be focused on different fronts right now. Still, if you’re in the mood for even more experimentation, try enabling the secret experiments menu inside Samsung Gallery and you’ll have plenty to toy around with.