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Multiple issues with Samsung Galaxy A50 - Request for support

(Topic created on: 08-18-2023 02:31 PM)
Beginner Level 3
Galaxy A

I am writing regarding two key issues that I am facing with my Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone.

1️⃣ Device Details

🔹 Model Name: Samsung Galaxy A50
🔹Model number: SM-A505F/DS

2️⃣ *Issues Description*

(i) Network Connectivity

🔹The device shows full signal bars but shows "No Network" error on calls/data
🔹This issue occurs intermittently (over 50% times+) with both SIMs

(ii) Software Update

🔹The device is unable to update software automatically or manually
🔹This has been the case for past few months despite troubleshooting

3️⃣ Troubleshooting Attempted

🔹Network and battery troubleshooting steps didn't resolve connectivity issues
🔹Storage cleared, update files redownloaded but still showed software last update on 07-Feb-2023 

 4️⃣ Request

🔹Please advise me,.how to diagnos and resolve network connectivity issue by checking antenna, RF components, if/as possible.
🔹Also advise on resolving software update problem via directly downloading from Samsung server OR any other methods
🔹I have been facing the above issues which are causing significant inconvenience. Your prompt support is highly appreciated to get the device issues resolved.
🔹Looking forward to your kind response. Please let me know if any other details are required.

Best Regards,