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How to Download Facebook Private Videos ? You Know SnapSave

(Topic created on: 03-21-2022 09:40 AM)
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Facebook is an amazing social media platform. It allows us to connect with friends and family. Facebook has many interesting in-app features, including Facebook Reels and Private Videos. These are interesting ways to connect with friends and to share moments from private life. These types of publications are only available for a short amount of time, and they are eventually removed from Facebook. 



The other interesting feature of Facebook is private videos. Viewers can only see this if they are befriended by the account that posts the video. These videos can be quickly posted. The question is: if you want to save these videos and have them as memories, there are not many good, reliable sources on the internet. The question is: is there a way to download private videos from Facebook? Therefore, we introduce SnapSave, the best Facebook video downloader from private groups and Facebook reels. 

This tool allows you to download watermark-free videos from private groups that you are invited to or download even Facebook reels. You can complete the Facebook video download without including a watermark or anything else that might ruin the quality of your video. SnapSave comes in three formats: the APK version, the Google extension version, and the website version. 

The APK version allows you to download the SnapSave application on your device. This way, you can access the tool at anytime and anywhere in the world. Then we have the website version, and all that you must do is to open the link to the site and proceed to use it. The simplest version of SnapSave includes a Google Bat extension. This can be done starting from the website version, and all that you must do is to click the button that says "Google extension." This will add the site immediately to your extensions and you can access the service anytime. There is the Chrome extension, there is the Opera extension, and there is the Firefox extension. Our site works with all the search engines and is accessible from anywhere in the world. The extension version is fast, inconvenience-free, and will be available anytime you open any of your search engines. 

SnapSave works the same in all its versions. All you must do is to hover over the private video or the Facebook reel and click a button that says copy URL. This shows up automatically when you hover over the videos. Then, after you click on the copy link option, you paste the link onto the SnapSave platform. There is a large button that says "Paste Facebook Video Link." After you paste the video, you will also need to do one more step, which is the page source code. This step only applies to private videos. You must right-click on the video and choose "View Page Source". 

This can also be accessed by inputting the commands "CTRL+U" on Windows devices or "OPTION+U" on Mac devices. After the page source code shows, you click on it, and you will see a button that says, "Select All". You choose that and click copy on the selected page source code. You paste the source code onto the Facebook Private Video Downloader and you are done. After you do that, you click "download video" and it allows you to choose the video quality too. The video will be downloaded to your device, and we will not store any data about the transaction.