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Finally got the spotify tab added on SAMSUNG MUSIC!So Excited!Love you Samsung!Please give the Dual Volte update...the only update I want!
Anyone using G cam in S8 without any issues???Anyone there? If so please give me the stable version link!Already tried XDA developers and YouTube, all are older versions. Lagging and crashing every time Dono why Samsung over saturates the pics in sel...
Like Samsung said it'll provide dual volte in Note 8 and older devices through ONE UI update but still no dual volteπŸ™„ I updated with pie update but didn't get the dual volte but thought that anyway it will come in next patch update but still it's no...
Hi! Join Google Duo and video call me. Sign up with this link to get up to β‚Ή1,000 in your bank account via Google Pay.
Though after pie phone works faster but the icons were better in the previous SAMSUNG EXPERIENCE VERSION.For the first time after pie I found an icon more appealing and cool than previous version, yes it the Samsung Members app Even the things are no...