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I think admin and moderators here do not give f about note users. We users pay highest amount to buy a device from samsung and according to their own research most loyal as well.But still screen discoloration and tint issues haven't been acknowledged...
Plz report all bugs and stutterings you find in beta as this might be our last major update. We dont want to live with buggy builds forever, do we?Hoping for your co operation and support. 
Plz allow third party launcher gesture navigation support. It doesnt work with standard google given gestures in android 10
So as per sammobile article Note 9 will soon get Oneui 2 beta based on Android 10.Current Fw is N960FXXU4ZSK2 where Z indicates beta build to be released for public. Final release will have "D" instead of Z.Link:
HiSamsung notes just got updated for note 9 and it has newer note 10 features like convert to text and screen off memo saving options.