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The headphone must be paired with a Bluetooth device

(Topic created on: 05-06-2022 09:46 AM)
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For a wireless headphone to work, it needs to be connected to a device that has Bluetooth. As a general rule, it is usually connected to a tablet or a smartphone that has the option of Bluetooth. Once you connect the headphone with the device, you can listen to music. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, the best way to listen to music well is through a headphone that has the Bluetooth option. For more information of this types of bluetooth headphones  click here.

How to connect a Bluetooth headphone to your mobile 


Before doing anything, you will first have to put the Bluetooth headphone in pairing mode, this will allow the device to find the headphone and configure it. You have to keep in mind that each headphone has a different activation method. 

  • Mode 1
  1. Some Bluetooth headphones have a specific button to set the mobile device in pairing mode.
    2. Look in the mobile settings for the Bluetooth symbol and then press and hold it until the indicator light on the headphone starts to flash rapidly or you hear the headphone emit an operating sound. 


  •  Mode 2
  1. You have to press and hold the power button on the headphone, many headphones that have Bluetooth technology switch to pairing mode by turning off the headphone and turning the device on while pressing the power button.
    2. Normally it will make a beep or the indicator light will begin to flash rapidly to let you know that the headphone is in pairing mode and ready to go. 


How to pair a Bluetooth headphone to an iPhone mobile


Connecting a Bluetooth headphone to an iPhone is a fairly simple process, also you will no longer have to configure it again because it will be done automatically. Once your iPhone has been paired with your Bluetooth headphone, you will no longer have to wait to connect it. 

  • Turn on the Bluetooth device and put it into pairing mode.
  • • Open Settings on your iPhone
  • • Select settings the section that says Bluetooth.
  • • Once Bluetooth is open, a list with available Bluetooth will appear. Here you must select the Bluetooth of your headphone. 

How to Pair a Bluetooth headphone to an Android Phone 

It is done exactly the same as the process we have done with the iPhone. The pairing process only has to be done once since once the Bluetooth headphone has been successfully paired with the Android mobile, it connects automatically every time you want to turn on the Bluetooth headphone. 

  • Go to settings and select the section that says Bluetooth.
  • • Activate pairing mode.
  • • On your Android mobile you will see all the Bluetooth devices that are available at that moment.
  • • Select the Bluetooth of your corresponding headphone.
  • • Once paired with your Bluetooth headphone, the same headphone will make a characteristic sound or emit a sound. 

How to pair multiple headphones at the same time 

Some Bluetooth headphones currently on the market can be connected to a device together to achieve better volume or stereo sound. To connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones at the same time, you need to download the manufacturer's application from the Apple App Store or from Google Play in order to perform this action.

 So that you better understand how to do it, we have left you an explanatory video on how to do it.

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