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The Smartphone Experience

(Topic created on: 12-16-2019 07:19 AM)
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So you have a smartphone and you love it, so you clean it daily, keep it safe in a bulky case and a tempered screen protector. Well, for most of us, this is the general scenario. This is how I see it.
A smartphone is an experience rather than a device. It stays with you and captures all the magical moments until it eventually becomes less interesting and finally dead-weight. 
A smartphone is designed carefully to fulfil our needs in every way efficiently and effectively, so by adding a bulky case which is said to protect your device by physical damage, it actually ruins the smartphone experience completely. You wouldn't be able to feel the slimness of your device, see the beauty within your device or the engineering that went into making this masterpiece. The tempered glass too makes your phone lose its beauty. (Plus the sensitivity). I realized this thing we're doing to our phones when I saw my brother using his phone, no case, no tempered glasses, just fully engaged in the best of the smartphone experience, living in the moment. Simple as that. Just beautiful.
So that's how I see it. If you're too concerned about scratching your device;screen or the back, it's okay to add something but try to keep things simple. The smudges on the screen are not that bad, let them be. 
So finally, just enjoy this engineering marvel thats with you. Appreciate its beauty and the time it took to be with you right now. Use your phone wisely, it's not just for camera and social media, but for pretty much anything you wish. Enjoy! (◍•ᴗ•◍)