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Create the Essentials: Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Design Story

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Galaxy S23 series envisions an eco-conscious, premium smartphone experience. By eliminating unnecessary elements and elevating overall quality, Galaxy S23 series embodies the essential values of resource circulation for a better future. We asked designers about the innovative process of creating Galaxy S23 series’ distinct and essential design identity. Samsung’s focus was on creating a design that boils down to the essence of smartphone. They made bold decisions to retain only the bare essentials based on the identity of the product, and that served as the basis of Galaxy S23 series’ design. The Samsung Galaxy S series is a product line that showcases the essence of premium design. Samsung contemplated on the elements that create a great design, and how our design can impact the world at large. We are living in an age where resource circulation and environmentally conscious activities to save the Earth have become a collective effort. As the world shifts its priorities toward eco-consciousness, designers should also reflect these values. There needs to be an attitude that actively embraces these changes by making bold decisions and upholding new visions for the future.