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Samsung One UI & One UI core devices

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One ui device
 S series

Samsung S8, s8+, s8 active
Samsung s9, S9+ 
Samsung s10e, s10, s10+, s10 5g
Samsung s10 lite 
Samsung S20, s20+, s20 ultra 5g
Samsung s20 fe 5g (fan edition) 
Samsung S21 5g 
Samsung S21+ 5g 
Samsung S21 ultra 5g 
Samsung s21 fe 5g( fan edition) 2022

 Z Series

Samsung z fold 
Samsung z flip 
Samsung z flip 5g 
Samsung z fold 3 5g 
Samsung z flip 3 5g

 Note Series

Samsung Note fe 
Samsung Note 8 
Samsung Note 9 
Samsung Note 10 5g 
Samsung Note 10 + 5g 
Samsung Note 10 lite 
Samsung Note 20 5g 
Samsung Note 20 ultra 5g

 A Series

Samsung a8 
Samsung a8+ 
Samsung a6 
Samsung a6+ 
Samsung a7 
Samsung a8 star 
Samsung a9 star 
Samsung a9 
Samsung a10 
Samsung a10e 
Samsung a20 
Samsung a20e 
Samsung a30 
Samsung a30s 
Samsung a40 
Samsung a50 
Samsung a50s 
Samsung a60 
Samsung a70 
Samsung a70s 
Samsung a80 
Samsung a90 5g 

Samsung a31 
Samsung a41 
Samsung a51 
Samsung a51 5g 
Samsung a71 
Samsung a71 5g /UW 
Samsung a22 5g 
Samsung a32 
Samsung a32 5g 
Samsung a42 5g 
Samsung a52 
Samsung a52 5g 
Samsung a72


Samsung Xcover 4 
Samsung Xcover 4s 
Samsung Xcover pro 
Samsung Xcover 5

 M Series

Samsung m32 
Samsung m32 5g 
Samsung m42 5g 
Samsung m52 5g 
Samsung m62

 F Series

Samsung F62

 Tab S Series

Samsung s3 
Samsung s4 
Samsung s5e 
Samsung s6 
Samsung s6 5g 
Samsung s6 lite 
Samsung s7 5g 
Samsung s7+ 5g 
Samsung s7 fe 5g

 Tab A Series

Samsung tab a8.0 
Samsung tab a10.0 
Samsung tab a8 with s pen 2019 
Samsung tab a10.1 
Samsung tab a7

One ui core device
 M Series
Samsung m01
Samsung m02
Samsung m02s
Samsung m10
Samsung m11
Samsung m12
Samsung m20
Samsung m21
Samsung m30
Samsung m30s
Samsung m31
Samsung m31s
Samsung m40
Samsung m51

 A Series

Samsung a01
Samsung a02
Samsung a02s
Samsung a10s
Samsung a11
Samsung a12
Samsung a20s
Samsung a21

 F Series

Samsung f12

 Tab A Series 

Samsung tab a8.0 2019
Samsung tab a7

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