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pLevel up mobile gaming. Game Launcher is the all-in-one hub to find things you already love, discover more to play, check out leaderboards, explore what's trending, and share your game data. All the features you need are in one place for an exciting and fuss-free experience.

Your gaming zone, just for you

Where all the fun revolves around you.
Use Game Launcher to quickly jump back into your old favorites, see your gaming history, find installed games, and send friends your verified gaming stats.
Check out the official leaderboards to see how you compare with other users.


* Data order and formation may vary.


Check out what's happening

Stay on top. Game Launcher is packed with trending games, ranking of games, and popular YouTube videos, with exclusive offers for Galaxy Store users, too. There's no need to switch between different apps for trustworthy updates—get them all here.

* Benefits may differ by game and event content.


Connect with friends who play games across multiple platforms with Discord

Find out what friends are playing, when they are playing, and join in to talk with just 1 click - all directly in the Game Launcher!
The exclusive Discord overlay easily shows who is talking without ever having to switch apps.


Quick, easy game organization

Jump in and play straight away. As soon as your game download finishes, it goes directly to Game Launcher so you can start straight away. Just like an awesome game organizer, everything is kept together for you to flick through and make a choice, with no delay.


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