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Setting up your new Galaxy S23 could be easier and faster

(Topic created on: 01-24-2023 11:45 PM)
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Setting up your new Galaxy S23 could be easier and faster

You can soon set up your shiny new Galaxy S23 faster with Fast Pair. According to the latest report, Google wants to improve the setup process for new Android phones using Fast Pair. And this feature will debut soon after the launch of the Galaxy S23 series, which is all set to debut on February 1.

The main aim of Fast Pair is to allow a speedy setup of new devices. It currently supports headphones and smartwatches, with support for trackers and styluses coming soon. Thanks to the folks at 9To5Google, we have an inside look at how this feature would work on smartphones. Based on the findings, when your Android phone detects another Android phone that hasn’t been set up yet, it will trigger a Fast Pair pop-up menu.


From there, you can follow the on-screen steps to safely and efficiently move your data, depending on the device you are trying to set up. On a Samsung device, for example, you can use Samsung’s Smart Switch app for the setup process. Similar to how it works for setting up other devices using QR codes, Fast Pair will also use a similar procedure to move your data from one Android phone to another.


The best part is that this feature has crossed the testing phase, and Google is planning to roll out the Fast Pair’s quick setup feature after the Galaxy S23 launch. This would be the perfect time as many people would have already prepared to upgrade their phones to any of the Galaxy S23 series phones. This shouldn’t be any different from how Wear OS watches appear on Fast Pair today.