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Samsung galaxy s23 ultra poor battery life

(Topic created on: 06-20-2023 06:15 AM)
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Galaxy S
Hey guys, I recently switched from iPhone 13 pro max to s23 ultra, it's a wonderful phone but the issue that I'm having is its battery life, I'm getting no where near the battery life I saw on YouTube reviews. My iPhone lasted more than a day, s23 struggles to last a full day. I used smart switch to transfer my data, 
Also I've already cleared cached partition 


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Galaxy S
Salam. I am also using s23 ultra since march and it comfortably lasts me 2 days on a single charge. I would like to suggest that you do a proper factory reset of the phone and donot transfer any data from other device. Clean install all the required apps and then evaluate wether there is a difference in bettery output or not. Usually this solves the problem. If not then share the same in the mean time i will try to dig into the issue.

The snapahot you have provided is not showing any app being a main bettery hog.
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Galaxy S
I fully endorse this. I was having similar issues, I transferred data from my other galaxy cell via smart / quick share and was not getting the battery timing which every one was raving abt. I did factory reset. Installed apps again through playstore not via smart share. Now I hav set my screen on WQHD and alhamdolilah getting 9-9:30 hrs of screen on time with 2.5 days on a single charge