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One UI 6 Snapdragon Sim Preferred Solution

(Topic created on: 03-03-2024 03:42 AM)
Beginner Level 3
Galaxy S
Lastest trick for Android 14 One UI 6 Snapdragon (esim version). When we use primary sim option, mobile use that sim for all call, sms, & data. But people want to use data from sim 1 or Calls from sim2. So here is solurion.

1- Set sim 1 or 2 that you want to use for data.
2- Install Phone by google
3- Set as default > Settings > Calling Accounts > Preferred SIM for Calls > Choose Sim
4- Open Samsung dialer and make default.

Now perefrred sim is selected for what you have choosed in phone by google. Data will be use that sim is primary in your settings.