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one ui 2.1 keyboard swipe save

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Previously whatever i typed once got saved in the memory.Somehow after the update the words aren't saving anymore . Is there a fix or is it a bug and will be fixed ?The only major reason using samsung is the swipe keyboard kindly update and fix to st...

Posted by: Iftee
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I am using the Samsung type c headphones tuned by akg, provided in the box of the galaxy note 10 plus. the left ear piece had declined in terms of voice output during April, i thought this was the problem of headphones, but it was fixed with the upda...


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اپبا واٹسیپ نمبر دو میی کال کرتی ہوں جو شیئر کرے گا اس کو سب سے پہلے کال کرو گی

Need pashto language in Samsung keyboard

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There are millions of Pashtuns around the world who actively use Samsung devices every day for their personal, business education, professional ... purposes. However, they still have problems typing and chatting in their mother language(Pashto).Becau...

Posted by: HR97
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