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Samsung Note 9 Screen Problem after Phone Update

(Topic created on: 04-30-2020 05:38 PM)
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Galaxy Note
  • The same problem with my phone also , I recived the update and after that phone started problem with screen yellowish and then normal . It was happening very often even during calls when sensor works for the light . Then after press power button and wait for few seconds then back to normal . I thought it is software issue so I cleaned the cache uninstalled applications but no use. Then after few days waiting to get back normal itself I backed up my data which is too difficult for 128 gb full and hard reset the phone and surprisingly after that the problem is more worse . Now the screen get back to normal after so many mins . Screen light is dimming itself , in between if reduce the brightness there are lines on the whole screen and the whole screen is yelow.

    I purchased the phone from Dubai and it have the warranty as well. I emailed samung dubai and they confirmed the warranty status active and advised to wait for the corona that it will be normal in may so you can travel to dubai . How can one travel if covid 19 is not over and the phone may be dead till then and the warranty finishes till may end . We paid hell of the money for the phone and now facing problem due to stupid update . I am user of samung from last 15 years but it seems that we are being forced to switch other brands as I was thinking to buy s20 ultra and note 10 plus.

    For the correspondence I tagged samung accounts on twitter but seems no body cares for the customer issues . Samung should replace the screens or replace the whole units for the customers in the region they are present currently as many of the customers cannot travel. This is due to their software update .. my phone is totally brand new condition not even a single scratch.

    I request all effected people with this to tag on twitter and other social networks for speedy recovery. And if samobile forum can highlight the matter boldly and repeatedly the issue on behalf the users it will be favorable.

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