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Battery chemical decomposition in samsung s6 onwards.

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Hi guys, whats your pov on the not so recent news about the samsung s4,....s6,s7,s8, s9 s10, ect... and note 8,note 9 phones expanding and breaking due to the swelling of the battery? Is it going to be worse/not worse  than the note 7 explosions or will it be fixed?

For the people who did not yet know about this incident, heres the link from
Go check it out

Send me your ideas and opinions 
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I'm pretty sure that this is mainly for phones that are kept unused for a long time. Also just because the battery swells, doesn't mean its going to explode. I've experienced this on my Galaxy Note 5 and i simply discarded the battry safely and glued the internals of the phone back in place. The note7 on the other hand caught fire and exploded due to battery impurities coupled with over heating and other issues. Its not the same thing.

Also battery bloating was very common back in the day though we hardly hear about it now.