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Green line coming inM52 series

(Topic created on: 09-28-2023 07:55 PM)
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Yesterday I have updated my phone. After the update green line is showing on mobile screen. How to remove those lines. Please don't buy samsung mobiles

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Only way to fix that is replace the display and that's costly 🙂
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You have to replace the display. There is no another way🥲
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This issue primarily occurs in AMOLED displays due to overheating like your Galaxy M52. To prevent it from worsening, adjust your device's power settings to limit background processes and reduce heat generation. You can also improve this by removing resource intensive apps or using a cooling fan during heavy usage.

Please check out my post for clarification. I've written it very clearly, explaining the issue, its reasons, and providing a detailed solution. 👇


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Thanks... 👍