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android 12 update

(Topic created on: 10-04-2022 11:59 PM)
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Give us an android 12 update for A20S
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No bro. Samsung a20s come with android 9. And they give 2 android update up to android 11.
So a20s not eligible to android 12
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Not eligible receive Android 12 upgrade.Sadly Android 11 is the last upgrade

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A20s already got 2 major upgrades. Won't get 12 sadly
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Samsung Galaxy A20s won't get the Android 12 One UI 4.0 update. Because, it already got two OS updates ( Android 10 & 11 ) as per Samsung's update policy.

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A20s එක eligible නැහැ
..list එකේ නෑ...මගෙ a01 eligible වෙලත් තාම නෑ...