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Setup wizard issue

(Topic created on: 12-14-2022 10:06 AM)
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Galaxy A
Aslam o Alaikum guys 
I have a52s and i want to wipe cache partition in setup wizard bust when i try to go error pop-up pdp backup setup wizard failed if any body knows about this then please tell me what can I do 
Nafaz Mughal 
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Galaxy A
Support to Samsung CustomerCare Center 💕 for better response jazzakallah
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Bro wait for security patch after downloading security patch update then go to wipe cache partition
Galaxy A
Bro first of all cache partition kbi delete ni hoti..
Cache memory ki definition dekho k fastest speed memory to process your task. Ya generate honi hoti
Manually roz finish kr skty 1 1 app kr kr permanent ni hoti
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Galaxy A
For System Cache memory:
Connect your mobile to laptop/pc using USB cable. Then boot into recovery mode. You can clear cache memory of device from there. If you try to boot into recovery without usb cable connection, you will receive error and would not be able to clear cache. So first connect to a Pc/laptop using USB cable then clear cache.

For Apps Cache memory: if you are willing to clear Cache memory of all apps installed, then there's no such feature that will clear cache of all apps at a time. You have to go to each app info individually (in settings > apps) and then clear one by one.