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📢Recommendations for improvement in One UI 6📢

(Topic created on: 12-05-2023 01:06 AM)
Active Level 1
Galaxy A
After using One UI 6 for 2 weeeks in my Galaxy A54 5G. Here are my recommendations for it's improvement: 
* Samsung Internet is amazing app but it doesn't show the remaining time whenever i download any file. This drawback push me to go back to Google Chrome. 
* Addition of Reminder app is amazing but I would recommend to not remove the reminder notification until user click on snooze or complete option on it. 
* Add custom font option in display setting, so users can choose any ttf file to replace the official font, currently user completely relying on theme fonts. 
* Call background image stop showing once call pickup by other person 
* Give option to set temporary mute as default, every time I need to temporary mute my device I need to go to sound setting, which is annoying. 
* Add option of call recording in calling app, as other companies are offering this option in their phones.