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One UI 6.1 disables one of Android's best notification features by default

(Topic created on: 01-31-2024 10:01 PM)
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On the whole, One UI 6.1 has been a great update for Samsung phones. It debuted on the Galaxy S24 series but should start to make its way to older devices starting with the February patch. The update isn't all good news, though. The inclusion of Circle To Search removed the ability to easily hide the gesture bar without resorting to a workaround, and the vivid display profile is currently not working for many S24 users. The bad news continues now, as it seems One UI 6.1 is disabling one of the best features Android ever gained by default.

Notification channels — what are they?
In 2017, Google released Android 8.0 Oreo, and with it one of our favorite notification options. Notification channels, or categories as Samsung names them in One UI, split each type of notification an app can deliver into separate items. Each of these can individually be enabled or disabled.
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They will fix it in the next update