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Galaxy a52s one ui 6.1 bugs and serious issues

(Topic created on: 3 weeks ago)
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Galaxy A

I'm writing to inquire about the recent One UI 6.1 update for my Galaxy A52s 5G. While I appreciate the update, I'm disappointed that some advertised features, like lock screen frame customization with subject cutout, seem to be missing on the A52s 5G compared to other A series phones.

Given the A52s 5G's capabilities, it feels like these features could be implemented. Additionally, I've noticed a slight decrease in performance after formatting and clearing app data also.

Since this is likely the last major update for the A52s 5G, I kindly request that you consider:

Adding the missing options of one ui 6.1 for a more complete user experience.
Optimizing performance in future updates to address potential slowdowns.
The A52s 5G is a popular device with a large user base. Addressing these concerns would significantly improve the user experience for many.

Thank you for your time and consideration.