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Galaxy A32 LTE and 5G Android 13 based One UI 5.0 update released!

(Topic created on: 12-08-2022 07:47 AM)
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Source: SamMobile

Samsung’s taking no prisoners when it comes to delivering theAndroid 13 and One UI 5.0 update to its customers, whether they own a flagship phone, a mid-range phone, or something from the budget segment. In the latest instance of showing the competition (and itself?) how things should be done, Samsung is now updating the Galaxy A32 with the new OS

Surprisingly, both LTE and 5G variants of the Galaxy A32 are getting the update at the moment. These updates are linked to theA326BXXU4CVK5 firmware release respectively and are being rolled out in Russia and European countries. The global availability of these updates is expected to follow shortly, but this is an area where Samsung is not doing as well as we would like.

Like all updates, this one can be downloaded live from the phone’s Settings » Software update menu.
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