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Clearing Cache in Recovery Mode

(Topic created on: 08-15-2022 12:39 PM)
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Galaxy A
I would be very grateful if anynone you guys help me out in clearing caches of my phone
Since, there's no options available for clearing caches of all the apps at once, in last 3 versions of Android OS. Yet, users are able to do it by going through recovery mode. So, I tried to clear caches in recovery mode. 
For this purpose,
  •  I turn off my Samsung Galaxy smartphone, connected it with PC and simultaneously pressed Volume up + Power Button to open the recovery mode. (As ya'll know, this is the way of how to open recovery mode)
  • After the recovery mode was opened, I choosed one of the given menus clear cache partition.
  • Now, I turned my phone on to see if it worked or not.

Unfortunately, it didn't work.
I'm curious to know the exact way of clearing cache of all the apps as it takes a lot of my phone's memory.
Galaxy A
Same issue...
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Galaxy A
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