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A52s vs A33 Personal Opinion

(Topic created on: 12-18-2022 08:43 AM)
Active Level 3
Galaxy A
So i bought A33 20 days ago.
But the battery drain and lag even after android 13 update is there. It overheats.
Then today i got a52s at a very high rate, non active and believe me this phone is still a beast. Battery drain is alot less though it is 500mah less. 
The major difference between these two is Snapdragon 778g and exynos 1280.
I used to hear exynos phones are bad but now i experienced it.
Sorry Samsung exynos just **bleep**.
Active Level 4
Galaxy A
Samsung a52s is a beast device. I bought it 4 months ago I totally satisfied with it.Excellent performance, camera and display it is totally worth it.
Active Level 7
Galaxy A
A52s is a legend in every field I'm also using it & enjoying it 😎
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Galaxy A
I bought a52s brand new 3 months back and my brother bought a53 and belive me a52s give good competition in every aspect.
Active Level 9
Galaxy A
Yes you're right. A52s is a complete package phone from Samsung. If you have that budget, I advise everyone to go for A52s. It's actually a all rounder in every department. Only weak thing is it's battery as 4370 mAh is not enough in 2022. A73 tickes that check but it's not a budget friendly phone.
Active Level 5
Galaxy A
Samsung made a mistake by launching A52s in Market such h best phone affordable price and overall quality package 📦 . I am using this phone since Feb 2022