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⚠️Warning, Problem with the new update android10?

(Topic created on: 04-12-2020 10:21 AM)
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Galaxy A
Hello to all Samsung members from India, Pakistan, and surrounding countries. I hope they are doing well during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Today, I have come to ask how many of you who already have Android 10 on Galaxy A50 have experienced some kind of problems after updating. 

We need your responses to be detailed, and listed, and if possible, in English or Spanish. The responses will be sent to Samsung as part of a report to resolve the issues, thank you.

Hola a todos los miembros de Samsung members de India , Pakistan , y países aledaños. Espero que estén bien durante la pandemia de coronavirus.

Hoy, he venido a preguntar cuántos de ustedes que ya tengan Android 10 en Galaxy A50 han experimentado algún tipo de problemas luego de actualizar.

Necesitamos que sus respuesta sean detalladas, y listadas, y de ser posible, en ingles o español. 

Las respuestas serán enviadas a Samsung cómo parte de un informe para solventar los problemas, gracias.
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Galaxy A
1-fingure print in start work fine than again same not working
2-batter drain very fast
3-heating issue
4-camera issue its show 16MP
5-No call recording feature
6-no apps locks
7-no internet speed meter
8-there is a diplay issue on edgess of screen its a software issue

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Galaxy A
thanks. hopefully they give you a quick solution