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How do we use Network Storage ? 
I Don't know anything about this. 

Network Storage

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Do you have access to a network drive? Or a private FTP server? If you do,

You need to be on the same network (Wifi and then follow along the steps to add them to the phone.

Not too complicated.

Watch this video as well

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The Network Storage feature in Samsung My File app allows you to use your own cloud storage by connecting your mobile device to a WiFi router that is connected to a hard drive or network drive (SMB).

This enables you to backup your data to the network drive whenever your mobile device is connected to that WiFi.

Additionally, the feature also includes an option for an FTP server, which allows you to create a server on your computer and access your phone storage from the computer. This feature provides an easy and convenient way to backup and access your files from multiple devices.
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