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Introducing GoodLock and Useful modules

(Topic created on: 10-13-2021 08:33 AM)
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Samsung GoodLock and modules are the best and most powerful apps to customise your Galaxy devices without root. 


LockStar lets you lightly customize your lock screen. It gives you a WYSIWYG editor and you can move the elements around as needed. You can edit both the portrait and landscape lock screens at your leisure. Some of the things you can do are being able to move the existing elements around, change the wallpaper, change the clock, and add additional items like app shortcuts. It’s fairly easy to use overall. There is also an auto-layout feature that moves stuff around the way Samsung thinks it should be.


QuickStar underwent a big change in 2021. It doesn’t let you customize the quick setting theme anymore like in 2020 since that’s mostly handled by Theme Park and Samsung themes in general. The new QuickStar focuses mostly on status bar customizations.
You can add or remove icons from the status bar as needed. During testing, I removed the alarm clock icon since I don’t really need it there. There is also a mechanism to open the quick settings directly, skipping the notification shade in the process. Those are the two big things QuickStar does and it’s relatively easy to customize.


Clockface lets you customize the clock on your always-on display or lock screen. There are a couple of dozen options to choose from ranging from analog to digital and even text. I quite liked the panda bear clock you can choose as well. Most of the clocks let you further customize things like color, some of the items, and other elements as well. Once done, simply set the clock and it’ll appear on your lock screen or always-on display. All the clocks you customized are available under the My Clocks category accessible from the bottom of the screen.


MultiStar was simplified quite a bit in the 2021 version of Good Lock. It still lets you lightly customize your multi-window experience. However, it focuses more on the pop-up action than multi-window. The multi-window elements let you force all apps to use it and you can hide the navigation bar for a more immersive experience. You can also force apps to stretch over the pinhole camera and customize the pop-up action. It’s definitely not as powerful as before but it’s still there.


NavStar lets you customize the soft key navigation bar or your swipe gestures depending on which one you use. For soft keys, you can change the look, add a button to hide the navigation bar at will, and change the background color and button layout if you want. It’s pretty simple but adds some fun customizationMultiStar was simplified quite a bit in the 2021 version of Good Lock. It still lets you lightly customize your multi-window experience. However, it focuses more on the pop-up action than multi-window. The multi-window elements let you force all apps to use it and you can hide the navigation bar for a more immersive experience. You can also force apps to stretch over the pinhole camera and customize the pop-up action. It’s definitely not as powerful as before but it’s still there.

Home Up

Home Up is basically the customization settings for One UI’s launcher. You can change minor things like grid size, app drawer grid size, and even change the amount of blur you see when opening the app drawer. There is a separate section for folder customizations and a back-up and restore option.
The coolest part of this one is the Share Manager section. It lets you customize the default share menu to include or not include whatever apps you want or don’t want. This saves a ton of space since you can simply select the apps you want to share from. You can also disable the Nearby Share function, giving you even more space. This one is actually really helpful.


NotiStar is a separate UI for your notifications. You can select the apps you want notifications from or blacklist ones you don’t. Additionally, you can add a filter that includes things like keywords as well as apps. You can, say, get SMS notifications but only if they contain the word “emergency.” You can also set this to work on the lock screen and it’ll store notifications indefinitely, for a week, or for 30 days depending on your preferences.
Android 11 added the abilityto view notification history, so some of NotiStar’s functionality is redundant. However, the filtering and blacklisting options are still super useful.

Keys Cafe

Keys Cafe gives you a lot more options for the stock Samsung Keyboard. You can change the layout to Dvorak or Colemak if you want and there are even a couple of symbols keyboard options. However, the big story here is the style section. You can change the keyboard color independent of the theme. There are also some truly delightful keyboard effects that flood the keyboard with color as you type.
You can also play a couple of typing games to improve your speed and accuracy with Samsung’s keyboard. The games are very reminiscent of the kind I used to play when I took typing class in high school.


Pentastic gives you a couple of extra options for the S Pen. It has a couple of extra cursors, including an arrow and a heart shape. There is also an extra sound when you use the S Pen, an extra shortcut that opens an app, and a simplified Air Command layout.
Obviously, this is only useful if you have a phone with S Pen. I tested this with a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, but those with regular Galaxy S series devices probably won’t need this one at all.


Wonderland is a live wallpaper creator. There are a few presets so you can get a sense of how everything works. However, the fun part is making your own. You can select a base image, other images to lay over top, various effects, and even text. There are some movement effects as well as some particle effects as well. This one takes a while because you do build this thing from the ground up, but the results can look pretty good if you have the right set of graphics and some patience.

Theme Park

Theme Park lets you create your own custom theme. It asks you to select an image from your gallery, download folder, or any other album. From there it lets you select a main color and uses the other colors from the image as accent colors. It also includes dark mode support and the dark mode version is independent of the light mode version. You simply enable dark mode in the settings to get the dark mode version of any theme you make with Theme Park in Samsung Good Lock.


Once done it creates the theme with the colors andwallpaper you selected. The app diverts you to the theme store in order to enable it. It’s a lot more stable than its 2020 counterpart and there is even more customization than last year. That said, this one has the steepest learning curve of any module in Good Lock so prepare yourself for that.

Nice Catch


Nice Catch is a surprisingly useful tool. It creates a log every time your phone beeps, boops, vibrates, rings, wakes up, and every time you change your settings. However, the part we like the most is its log for toast notifications (the little bubbles that appear at the bottom of your phone from time to time). You can check these logs by entering the Nice Catch app and clicking on the appropriate category. You can also hit the 3-dot menu and sort alphabetically to see how many instances each app did each thing. This is so insanely useful that it should be a part of stock Android.

One Hand Operation Plus

One Hand Operation Plus evolved a little bit from last year. It’s an experimental gesture control system that is fully customizable. You get a total of six actions (three on each side). The really cool part is you can keep the soft key navigation bar enabled and this will just give you some extra swipe gestures for other various things. This one has a bit of a learning curve but the module does a decent job of letting you customize everything.


Each side is configurable with three different swipes (swipe out and up, swipe out and down, and the regular swipe out) for a total of six configurable gesture shortcuts. You can set them to the usual home, back, and Recent Apps. Some additional options in this Samsung Good Lock module include closing an app, turning the screen off, taking a screenshot, showing/hiding the navigation bar, opening the notification panel, opening the menu, going forward (in the browser), and turning on the flashlight.

Edge Touch

Edge Touch is a potentially useful app if accidental touches are a real problem for you. It lets you manually configure the parts of the screen that reject accidental touches. This feature already exists in Samsung phones by default without an app. However, this Samsung Good Lock module lets you increase or decrease the size for better use. We recommend hitting the Show Edge Zones option so you can see where Samsung puts the accidental touch protection by default before trying to mess with it.


Finally, we have SoundAssistant. This one also saw significant changes in 2021. You can use it to do simple stuff like theme your volume panel, change the step volume for more granular volume changes, and even select which apps can (and can’t) play audio at the same time as other apps. There is a lot to customize here and it all has to do with sound.


The really cool part starts further down the menu. The Bluetooth Metronome feature helps you sync your Bluetooth headphones with a video reference so you can watch video or play games with Bluetooth headphones. That’s a fairly common problem without an easy solution. It also lets you do things like reverse stereo sound (so left comes out of right and vice versa), change the sound balance, and even drop the phone into mono audio mode. There are a metric ton of niche use cases for this one and it’s quite useful.

Note: GoodLock isn't available for some countries So You can get them through this app in link below.

NiceLock app Link:

📝 Note: Two Popular apps task changer and Edgelightning + didn't get update for 2021 

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