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How I block unwanted text Massages

(Topic created on: 11-08-2022 08:05 AM)
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Dear friends, I m using Galaxy A71, 
I just want know how I can block unwanted like company promotion Massages
 I just found only calls blacklist... 
Please guide 

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You can block if messages are from a number (like 7028, 9654)
If messages are from names (like PTA, Zong, Jazz) you can only mute them.

Another option is to apply a filter that automatically mutes every message you received outside from your contact list. For this type of setting you may have to change your default Messaging app. Try 'Google Message App' or 'Pulse SMS App' . Both can be downloaded from Play Store

-Pulse SMS App has ton of other features and customisations like Private box and notification actions.