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Opening contacts from phone app, the row for my profile displays my name. On opening the contacts from message app, it says "no profile info". See screenshot of the same.
Hi guys,I tried out the night mode in a low lit room and the results I got was too bad. Here is some of themI am pretty sure that this was not how it worked before. The quality of the image was a lot better during Android Pie before the upgrade. Is t...
Guys, were you able to register Iris after update?I deleted the existing one and now it doesn't want to register my iris. Does the same thing happen for all or just me?
Issue with identification of OTP. Not all OTPs are 4 digits... The notification for the OTP message are always identified as 4 digits. See screenshot for different OTP with 6 characters. The application must be made intelligent to identify those OTPs
Hello,I get this screen after every call I make. Is there a way to not show this Everytime? Or just to change the timeout?