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Plz enable the camera 2 api on c9pro
hey samsung plz improve the software of c9pro camera plz even the software of bitch redmi is so improved why you are doing it samsung why you have taken 36900 for c9pro
Hey We have paid you 36900 for c9pro but now it is available in Amazon 29,990 but why it's now below 30k why samsung why are you doing these😠😠😠we will never buy your products
Hey Samsung What do you think we are not your customer Samsung why why😢😢😢😢do you done this We are get disapointed always from you your admin always copy paste the same answers always my problem is that plz samsung give us never mind offer we want...
Give Never Mind OFFER for those who had buy their phones earlier this year means on June April etc because I have c9pro that I have buy it on June 5th plz give us