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there is an option for picture in picture mode for youtube but unfortunately i found it working only for google maps. can anyone please tell me how to get it work for youtube app.? thank you in advance.
the photo editor pro mode does not allow us to select the object that we do not want to blur instead it automatically detects the object, which is not perfect at all. Samsung could you please work on this issue or else provide a manual option to sele...
whenever I open the camera app im s8 the screen brightness increases drastically. This seems very irritating at night and also at low light. So is there any way by which I can reduce the screen brightness in the camera app specifically.?
in my s8 sometimes the fingerprint is not working even after trying multiple times. then after unlocking the phone using the pin code and then locking it again, the fingerprint starts working. this doesnot happen everything but then Sometimes and tha...
even after I have seen the pop-up notification of any new message. after sometime I again receive notification from the message app for the same. If I lock my s8 for sometime, I receive notification from the message app that too for the old message t...