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The Importance of Purchasing a TRCSL-approved smartphone

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To this day, it has been proven that buying a TRCSL smartphone is the best way to go when owning your smartphone. Approval must be obtained from the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) to import/ bring any kind of mobile phone/device to Sri Lanka which is connected to the Cellular Networks inserting a SIM, thus making this requirement a legality.

It provides consumers with a large number of perks and advantages. Buying a Samsung device directly through Samsung Sri Lanka or authorized sellers is the way to get your hands on a product that is genuine, authentic and TRCSL certified.

When purchasing from a Samsung-authorized seller is distinctively important in several ways. When you order through a store, you can check out the various price categories and settle for one that is best suited to your budget.

Consumers always need to make sure to look for the TRCSL Sticker on their phone box when they buy a Samsung smartphone and make sure that it is original, to get the best out of their device.

When a consumer purchases a TRCSL-certified smartphone, they can ensure that they don’t miss out on Samsung’s one-year company warranty. And if they want to know if their smartphone is TRCSL certified, all they have to do is send an SMS to 1909 saying “IMEI (Space) IMEI Number” and they will get a message verifying their device.

“We ensure to enlighten our customers with the fact that only our authorized dealers sell TRCSL-approved Samsung devices, especially because it comes with our warranty and it ensures that the quality of the smartphone, as well as the legal aspects of purchasing it, are covered in one go. This is why we ask our consumers to visit our stores and check for the “Authorized Samsung Dealer” sign before purchasing any Samsung product,” said Mr. Sang Hwa Song, Managing Director, Samsung Sri Lanka.

Remember to buy a TRCSL-certified Samsung mobile, so that consumers don’t have to miss out on our one-year company warranty and can get the best out of their device!

Always at your Service, wherever, whenever. Enjoy peace of mind when you choose to buy a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The interactive diagnostics and optimization on the Samsung Members app make it easy to tune up the performance of your devices, while our helpline lets you troubleshoot problems when you need extra support.

In Sri Lanka, Samsung has been recognized as the ‘Most Loved Electronics Brand’ for three consecutive years by Brand Finance Lanka’s review of the country’s most valuable brands. As Sri Lanka’s No.1 smartphone brand, Samsung’s customer base in the country spans across all age groups, particularly the Gen Z and Millennial segments.

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In one direction this is correct

But with the current situation you have to pay cost of fortune to buy TRCSL APPROVED PHONE .

But when yo can search you can buy the same phone half of cost used in other countries where they have made in the best quality.