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Samsung S21 FE green line issue

(Topic created on: 02-05-2024 03:15 AM)
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Yesterday I saw a post about the Green line issue in S21FE and I am also facing it. So I am also writing this to share my worst experience. I'm upset about a problem with my Samsung S21 FE phone. After a software update, green lines appeared on the screen (2023.11.27). Even though I took good care of it, the issue got worse. I bought the phone in Selfie Mobile, Sri Lanka in 2022 with a one-year warranty, but the problem started just after the warranty ended. Both the shop where I bought it and Samsung Service Center said I have to pay a lot of money to fix it, which doesn't seem fair since it's probably a software problem, not something I did. This has made me doubt if Samsung phones are reliable.


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The problem is not with the shop bro. Its the wrong with the samsung software update . Mostly S series face this issue with update probably one UI 6.0 or 6.1. That is insanely horrible . Screan Burn issue . Its all over the world . Too worse..i am really afraid of buying expensive Phone anymore !!!
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I'm also having the same issue, waiting for a reply from Samsung.

I believe they should offer free screen replacement for s21 fe series phones too, like what they did for s20 series.

From Samsung Sri Lanka, they said so far they only did free screen replacements for s20 series.

I hope they get approval from Samsung for S21 fe series in future, cuz there are reasonable number of community posts regarding this issue which tells that this no longer an isolated case.
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I'm also facing this issue 😣