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Pink and green lines appeared on the display

(Topic created on: 07-22-2023 08:28 PM)
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Pink and green lines appeared on display without any physical damage. 1st the pink line appeared while using the phone. Followed by the green line the next week. This is annoying. It costs around another fortune to get the screen replaced with an original display. 


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My s21 ultra developed pink line 3 weeks back. Now another pink line has appeared. No physical damage. Service centre people saying they won't replace it free of cost unlike s20 series because "not enough people with s21 series has reported this problem". Ridiculous. This was the most expensive phone I ever bought. Won't buy samsung phones in the future

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This is a common hardware problem. I would suggest you go to any service centre to replace your phone screen. If the unit is out of warranty, you must pay for the replacement.

Unfortunately, the replacement cost for the original display will be higher. But that's the only solution.

If you are not worried about the green line issue, I advise you to keep your phone the way it is. And it won't mess up your Galaxy device.

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