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Device heating up

(Topic created on: 09-15-2021 06:44 AM)
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Installed the September security patch today on my Note 20 Ultra and the device is heating up 🙄 
The same thing happened when I installed the February update but it was fixed by a later update. Now the issue is back. 
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Hi i don't think there is a fix. Try rebooting the device, and if that doesn't work and its very difficult to work due to the over heating you can try backing up your data and factory resetting.

Usually restarting the phone fixes these issues.

When installing new updates, sometimes apps start acting up.

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Thanks 😊 😊
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Switch off the phone. Plug it to your computer. Once it shows the charging percentage and screen goes blank, press and hold power button and volume up button till the phone turns on and enters recovery mode. Once entered, clear cache partition and select repair apps. It might solve your issue 😁
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After September update, do you see the camera is not focusing properly?