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Battery Life on the Note 20 Ultra πŸ€” πŸ”‹

(Topic created on: 09-29-2021 09:47 PM)
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Hi all, i know that there are some Note 20 ultra users in this community and i was wondering what kind of battery lif you were getting on your phones?

By that i mean with a single charge (100 - 0%) how many hours can u use your phone and what kind of screen on time do you get?

Any improvements you've made after changing any settings (i know the obvious 120Hz refresh rate) , but is there anything else as well?

I'm still testing my battery out. So far the results haven't been great. So i wanted to know the ideas of a more experienced Note 20 ultra user/s.

Please feel free to post any battery usage stats and any screenshots that you think could be helpful.

I'm not looking for general battery saving tips. I've owned a lot of android phones and i know which settings to change to get better battry life. Just need to opinion from Note 20 ultra users. 

Thanks a lot!

These are my stats while ising the phone exclusively on 60Hz mode only.