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After 1 & half years of time a new device is coming to replace Note 20 Ultra.

(Topic created on: 02-08-2022 06:54 PM)
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Are you using Note 20 Ultra? What are your thoughts on the new Galaxy device which is most probably named as S22 Ultra (but a boxy looking Note phone)? 
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I think their original plan was completely shutdown the note lineup and replace it by their fold/flip series. But still foldables have few things to settle down(specially hinge) and price was little bit higher than a usual note device. Also there were many online petition for samsung to bring back the note again. Because note has its own fan base. 😁 That could be the reason why they change S22 ultra like this. As you said, boxy looking and dedicated Spen slot will alive the note legacy in here. 😁 Even they called it "S"
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foldable devices are very thickness, so that is the another problem🤏
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For sure... Hopefully they will bring some good solutions to upcoming devices ✌😀
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I think so too bro 🙂 👍