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Auto restart problem. Please fix it.

(Topic created on: 07-09-2022 03:52 AM)
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I hv a samsung galaxy m30s mobile. I lv this device.but now this device getting big problem.
 In a 30mins this device auto restarting many times. I cant do any work continues with this device. Please tel me how to fix it.

Trouble - freeze and auto restart many times.

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You should reset your device which is in
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Hi... This could happen for a few reasons. First, when your device's ram got full. You can uninstall unwanted apps if any on your device. But the best thing is to reset your device.
Second, it could happen due to a hardware issue in the device's motherboard.
So, reset your device and check it. If the issue is still there even after the reset, go to a Samsung service center near to you.

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Thank you 😊
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Reset the phone then it may work
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Hi 👋,
Try these steps
1. Don't use so many apps
If you have some apps not essential zip those apps
2. Turn off background running apps
Put them sleep or deep sleep(without social media apps)
3. Turn off background data using from unused apps(without social media apps)
4. Try to Clean (ram)random access memory every 15 minutes
5. Use your device in safe mood
6. If these steps didn't work just reset your device

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The steps to turn off the auto restarting feature in your device.

Go to Settings > Open General Management > Click Reset Menu > Finally turn off the Auto Restart Feature

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I am facing the same issue with M30s from Aug2022 (bought in Dec2019). After factory reset twice and ghost finding the issue, I guess issue could be with the battery or memory. Restart reduced in M30s after the below: 1. Enable "Power saving mode" 2. Make sure total storage space is less than 50%. 3. Remove all unwanted apps running in the background. 4. Move (whatever apps can go) apps to SD card. 5. Keep mobile cool... yes use AC in car or icepack at home 😉

To break the auto reboot, I hold the Volume Up button until I get a long jerk. Then immediately hold Volume Down button. It boots in Safe Mode. Then it sustains most of the times. But with heavy usage again it restarts. Mobile gets heated up while continuous rebooting so I remove back cover to make sure it cools down!

Google Photos or similar apps could be another issue. Make sure to put such apps to sleep from "Device Care" feature.

Ofcourse, I am still facing the issue but taking care of above reduced lot of pain.