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I can 't install s secure app

(Topic created on: 12-23-2022 06:34 AM)
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  • My phone is Samsung A03s .I can 't install s secure app .please give me solution .
  • Android version 12.
  • One UI Core version 4.1
  • Error - This content isn't compatible with your phone 

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One UI Core has only the basic applications required for everyday use of your device. It won't have certain features when compared to One UI. Because it's the stripped-down version of One UI.

In One UI, Galaxy devices will have many features available on it. You can access any samsung apps like Good Lock modules, Secure Folder, Game Launcher and so on. This interface is only for midrange and flagship smartphones.

One UI Core is specifically designed by Samsung for their budget devices. Since they are limited in specs in comparison with flagships.

However, you can download any third-party secure folder applications which is available in Google PlayStore. You can download it at the link below.


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Sometimes ads are displayed in the apps. Therefore, follow these steps to block ads from apps!

Go to Settings >> Connections >> More connections >> Private DNS >> Select Private DNS provider hostname >> type "dns.adguard.com" and tap save.

Unfortunately, it is not able to block advertisements on Facebook and YouTube. In addition, if you tap to watch the ads to earn rewards in some games the trick will not work.Screenshot_20221223_205233_Samsung Members_1000053065_1671808953.jpgScreenshot_20221223_205245_Samsung Members_1000053067_1671808965.jpg
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It is specified for some sort of devices 🙂